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Castle of no Escape 2 soundtrack have just been released! Original and arranged versions are waiting for you, also there's bonus - 47-minute megamix. - in Steam. Would anyone like it on Bandcamp or such?


Castle of no Escape 2 Collector's Edition Set. Includes:

— Instruction booklet.

— Sticker.

— Game activation key card.




Castle of no Escape 2 was released. Horay!

Maximum repost.

Castle of no Escape 2

2016-12-20 16:36:53 by Esdeer

Castle of no Escape 2


We're finally going to Steam and hit the "Really publish" button.

BTW, we've made the manuals!

Remastered OST is coming somewhat later.

Boys and girls! Castle of no Escape 2 was Greenlit and we're preparing to release it on Steam! Thank you all for your help!

P.S. Scheduled for November!

Now we are on Greenlight! Please, vote for our game!

Happy new year 2016

2015-12-31 08:57:19 by Esdeer

Happy new year 2016, folks!

Hi there! Now you can also subscribe to our twitter:

Castle of no Escape 2 announce

2015-11-22 18:20:18 by Esdeer

Here we go! We are now on steam to announce ConE2. Subscribe to us and stay tuned.

Castle of no Escape is released today!

2015-08-19 20:03:03 by Esdeer

Hello, friends.

Me and my friend Xitilon are released our game "Castle of no Escape" today (originally it was developed for Ludum Dare 31 jam).